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Client Support Professionals

Creative Resources Connections can offer a unique opportunity to create your own schedule and work from your remote office location.  We enjoy helping yo to achieve a more fulfilling work-life balance while earning steady, solid revenue from the comfort of their home.

As an Independent Contractor, you experience increased freedom - which is just one of the great benefits.

  • You select the client programs that match your earnings expectations.
  • You control your earning potential based on the frequency you work and the results you produce.
  • You and you alone have the opportunity to decide what your future holds.

Even moms, who can work from home for their employers, often don’t have the control and flexibility of their work schedule that is needed to truly master work/home harmony.

  • Imagine being able to schedule your work around your life, and not the other way around.

  • Imagine being able to support prestigious, world-class companies from the comfort of your home.

  • Imagine having complete control over how often you work, what times you work, and even how much money you make.

  • Imagine an opportunity that allows you to earn a living, not just earn a paycheck.

Read through our FAQs to learn more and to view the types of opportunities available.

*This opportunity is not available in CA, WI, OR, MD, MA, NY, CT*

 Ready to start your work at home adventure with an experienced Team?  Apply Now!

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