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Roadside Assistance

Work with a leading business-to-business provider of roadside assistance solutions, serving customers of client companies with everything from directions and fuel to towing and tire changes.

What to Expect

  • Inbound calls for roadside assistance and other service requests from client’s customers and/or client account representatives.
  • Possible outbound calls to client, client’s customers and/or client account representatives for status and clarification purposes.
  • Transferring of inbound calls or outbound calls to other client-designated internal support departments or client account representatives.
  • Outbound coordination to client’s independent service providers, such as tow trucks.
  • Possible follow up calls to independent service providers for clarification and/or additional calls for secondary services.

Skills of Top Performing Service Partners

  • Probe to identify the need of the customer based on vehicle inoperable situation
  • Identify the customer’s location using Google Maps and other client tools
  • Provide policy coverage details based on the specific client program
  • Demonstrate a proven ability to deal with challenging customers and situations
  • Provide proven problem-solving capabilities to deliver practical solutions

Available Hours

7 days a week/24 hour a day/365 day a year

Weekend Requirements

8 shifts (4 hours) on Saturday and /or Sunday or a combination of both

Most Hours Available

8:00 am – 12 pm ET

4:00 pm – 8 pm ET

Pay: $10.00 per hour

Be sure to check the minimum equipment requirements

*All opportunities subject to availability*

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