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GREAT Vision

Without GREAT

People is Irrelevant

"Connecting People and Resources"

Who we are

Creative Resources Connections is a recruiting and staffing company focused on connecting people and resources to fill positions to meet your staffing needs. 

Our Recruiting Team can assist you with your direct hire positions.  We can assist you by taking on the entire recruiting process, or just assist your Team with portions of your process.

Additionally,  our dedicated Team of Virtual Business Assistants can engage your candidates and make the initial screening call or get your pre-screened candidates scheduled for your conversation.  With Creative Resources Connections, you have all the help of an entire Recruiting Team at your disposal to assist to reduce cost and improving your time to fill.

Looking for some office support?  Our Virtual Business Assistant Team can seamlessly integrate with your existing Team to offer additional administrative muscle in crunch times.  If you need a Team to help complete your administrative tasks, we are here.  You choose the level of support you​ need and we will be there for you.

Our Recruiting Team has been providing assistance to candidates to locate and transition from traditional onsite  positions to working in a remote environment since 2009.  Our specialty is assisting candidates to find that ever illusive work life balance and enjoy working on their own schedule.

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